Il Carnevale dei Bambini

Children Now was invited to the Carnevale dei Bambini, The Children Carnival, in Ottawa. A great occasion to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the love of our Country and of our community. The event was a total success, it was such a pleasure to see so many smiling faces on the children while they were enjoying themselves.

Youth Leadership & Bullying Prevention Program

photo Steve Young

Interview with Steven Young. Steven Young is an educator, coach, consultant and university instructor. A former police Staff Sergeant and Chief Government Whip for the province of Alberta, discusses how the Children Now program, Published by TheoDone and Associates,  empowers youth, develops leaders and helps prevent intimidation, bullying and discrimination. Developed in partnership with the… Read more »

2016 Edition – Children Now Summer Camps

Camp d'été 2016

Once again, Children Now organized several wonderful summer camps for children from low income families, allowing the most impoverished kids, aged 10 -12 years of age, to experience summer vacations worthy of a happy childhood. Under the supervision of experienced monitors, the children profited from many activities. Rarely exposed to nature, the children participated in… Read more »

Together for children

A most enriching trip to Edmonton Ricaardoe Di Done, chief operating officer of Children Now, visited Edmonton this summer with his daughter, Samantha Di Done, to prepare two upcoming sensitization campaigns on anti-intimidiation and the benefits of family mediation. Several enriching meetings took place with community members who strive to make a difference by implicating… Read more »

Visit to École de la Pleiade with the Fédération de Soccer du Québec

École La PLéiade

What a beautiful day it was! Mr. Ricaardoe Di Done, CEO of Children Now, headed out to the beautiful city of Quebec with the Fédération de Soccer du Québec to give a workshop to more than 250 students at École de la Pleiade this past monday. Children from kindergarden to grade 6 learned on the… Read more »

Empowerment through Personal and Social Leadership: A Strategic Initiative between Children Now and the Québec Soccer Federation

The Advisory Policy Working Group of Children Now is composed of a group dedicated volunteers who have extensive experience in areas of educational program development, public policy, legal and public welfare and health. The working group is currently involved in a joint strategic initiative with the Quebec Soccer Federation (Fédération de Soccer du Québec). The… Read more »

The Dangerous Consequences of Verbal Bullying Among Students.

Every child is entitled to receive an education and to feel safe while doing so. Samantha Di Done, supervisor of Children Now, discusses the devastating effects that verbal bullying can have on childrens’ physical and psychological well-being. Given these serious effects (such as loss of confidence, depression, even suicide), she advocates that verbal bullying be… Read more »

2016 Edition – A Magical Easter Party for 350 underprivileged Children

350 Children, aged 4 to 6 and coming from underprivileged backgrounds were invited to a magical day of joy, laughter and magic. The party was filled with music, singing, dancing, Easter bunnies, a hearty meal, makeup and the traditionnal Easter Egg Hunt. What Children Now wishes to accomplish with this activity is to show the… Read more »