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Two words that define the importance of children for a society. This youth represent the future of our society and we must give them the best conditions possible to grow, to flourish in life. This is why our goal is to propel the cause of the family by concentrating on social problems such as divorce, poverty, school dropout, street gangs, environment, delinquency, health and family mediation. We offer consultation services, assistance and support to people with family issues. We also organize activities for underprivileged children all year long.

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Ricaardoe Di Done with Josette Jacques, RFOHM

Ricaardoe Di Done honored by R.F.O.H.M for his great efforts in championing the cause of children

On September 14th 2019, Mr. Ricaardoe Di Done was recognized by R.F.O.H.M (Regroupement des Femmes d’Origine Haitienne de la Montérégie) for his tireless efforts in making the world a better place for our children.

2019 Summer Camp – Sun for everyone!

Watch the Summer Camp videos and see how Children Now, their partners and volunteers helped to make the eyes of each child light up with joy.

2019 Children Now and OPCR Toastmaster Corn Roast

Watch our video of the event. • Short version • Long version. What a wonderful occasion to honor all of those who have helped made a difference in this world, through their many contributions to the organization. Thank you, and may you all have many happy returns.


À Montréal…

[…] l’équipe de Montréal a participé dans le but d’amasser des fonds pour l’association Avant tout les enfants. À tour de rôle, les différents départements ont participé aux efforts de collecte A travers […]

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