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Two words that defines the importance of children for a society. This youth represent the future of our society and we must give them the best conditions possible to grow, to flourish in life. This is why our goal is to propel the cause of the family by concentrating on social problems such as divorce, poverty, school dropout, street gangs, environment, delinquency, health and family mediation. We offer consultation services, assistance and support to people with family issues. We also organize activities for underprivileged children all year long.

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Légalisation du canabis à usage récréatif

The Legalization of Cannabis – What Parents and Guardians Need to Know

Saturday April 28th, we made a presentation at the Ottawa Public Library – Nepean Centrepointe. The subject was on the legalization of Cannabis – What parents and guardians needs to know. At the end of the summer Federal government will legalize the recreational use of marijuana. This session was developped to provide guidance to parents... Read more »

2018 Easter Parties for more than 700 children

Montreal, March 29th 2018 and Quebec, Monday March 26th 2018— Children Now hosted its Easter Parties for more than 700 under privileged children. The children aged from 4 to 6 years of age enjoyed a Easter dinner and were entertained by music, dance and animated Easter characters. We would like to take this opportunity to... Read more »

Getting ready for summer!

For most of us, when we think of summer we think of holidays, escape, rest, laughter and relaxation, but for many children from low-income families, may they be in Quebec City or Montreal, they think of “exclusion” and “monotony” because they are often left on their own in conditions that are not conducive to their... Read more »


À Montréal…

[…] l’équipe de Montréal a participé dans le but d’amasser des fonds pour l’association Avant tout les enfants. À tour de rôle, les différents départements ont participé aux efforts de collecte A travers […]

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