Ecological and Prevention Days

Yellow, orange, red and once again more warm colors! Every autumn, our forests are covered with its lively colors. We enjoy Indian summer warm days, we go off to explore a region, we go apple picking or we observe hundreds of thousand birds emigrating south. Whatever you may do, our autumns offer a spectacular landscape! Our most tender childhood memories remind us of impromptu games in the middle of heaps of leaves suddenly transformed into playing fields. Unfortunately, for underprivileged children, the beautiful days full of colors do not have the same meaning as for their more fortunate friends. Most of them will not be lucky enough to enjoy or see such days outside of the city.

Contribute to the dream of an underprivileged child in Quebec so that he/she can participate in an amazing Ecological Day.

By contributing financially to the Ecological and Prevention Day organized by CHILDREN NOW, you will fulfil the expectations of more than 120 needy children aged between 8 and 10 from the metropolitan Montreal and Quebec areas. Thanks to your generosity and sensitivity, these kids will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable day in the countryside. The objective of this activity is to allow children from economically underprivileged neighbourhoods to enjoy the educational and enriching experience of a nature class.

The youngsters will take part in many activities in a natural environment. They will learn how to find their way in the forest, survival techniques and how to use a compass. They will be sensitized to the necessity of respecting our environment and ecology, while having fun at the same time. Rest assured that this activity will take place on an extraordinary natural site which includes numerous equipment. The children will receive a generous warm meal, as well as two snacks. They will also receive several small presents such as school supplies and hygienic articles, clothes, a compass and games which they will take back home.

We are conscious that the joy we offer these young children represents only a small part of what can be done in order to improve their future. However, we know that if we succeed in making them happy today, the beneficial and enriching effects of these outdoor activities will have a long-lasting impact on these children’s future in addition to providing them with wonderful memories! Each small gesture we make to help the less fortunate in our society spells hope for our community and the adults of tomorrow.

Because their future… is also ours!

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