4th International conference on the child
Children and Violence: Our Individual, Family, and Collective Responsibilities

Date: October 13, 14, 15, 1999, Montreal, QC

Objectives of the conference:

  • The issue about the plight of children in the age of technological revolution.
  • Issue of children to the forefront of the global agenda. The Montreal Declaration on Children has become the classic document for a plan of action for the future.

Invited speakers :

  • Jean Bélanger, Ph.D. and Pierre H. Tremblay, M.D., Pedopsyhiatrist Rivière-des-Prairies hospital, direction of public health of Montreal, Montréal, Québec, Canada;
  • Aimée Langlois, Professor Department Of Child Development Humboldt State University Arcata, California, U.S.A;
  • Mark Ragg, Ph.D. Eastern Michigan University Department Of Social Work Ypsilanti, Mi, U.S.A;
  • M. Theisen, School Of Social Work Des Moines Center, Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A;
  • Lil Tonmyr, MSW, Valérie Gaston, MA, Sharon Bartholomew, MHSc, Gordon Phaneuf, MSW, Child Maltreatment Division, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;
  • Daniel Turcotte, Department of social work, University of Laval, Ginette Beaudoin, Cri-Viff, Université Laval
  • Ann Pâquet-Deehy, Department of Social work, University of Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada
  • Patrick Ayre, Department Of Applied Social Studies, Faculty Of Health Care And Social Studies, University Of Luton, Park Square, Luton, UK

Organizing-president: Ricaardoe Di Done

Dr. Rashmi Mayur, co-president of the organizing committee and United Nations Advisor.

President of the Scientific Committee: Dr. William Rowe

Director of the Scientific Committee: Mrs. Angela Ficca

Proceedings of the symposium available on Theodone.com

William Rowe, President of the committee, D.S.W., Director, School of Social Work, 
McGill University

Peter Allik-Petersenn, BA., LL.B., Attorney and Family Mediator, Director, O.P.C.R. British Columbia

Willy Apollori, Ph.D., Director of Research, Groupe Interdisciplinaire Freudien de Recherches
et d’Interventions Cliniques (GIFRIC)

Pierre Brien, B,Sc., Chief Inspector, Office of the Director, Laval Police

Dominic D’Abate, Ph.D., Accredited Family Mediator, Centre de la mediation et consultation familial

Riccardo Di Done, Founding President, O.RC.R.

Angela Ficca, LL.M., Attorney, Director of Scientific Committee, O,P.C.R.

René Hébert, M.A., D.E.S., Sociology Department, University du Québec a Montréal

Gloria Jeliu, M.D,, F.R.C.P. (c), Centre of Development, Ste-Justine Hospital, 
Prof. Emeritus, Pediatrics, University of Montreal

Lucie Lavole, B.A., LL.L., Ombudsman, Laval University

Hugues Létourneau, LL.M., Couslneau, Primeau & Associes, Legal Department of the
Youth Centers of Montreal

Justin Lévesque, Ph.D., Professor, School of Social Work, University of Montreal

Aldo Morrone, B.A., Family Mediator, Family Mediation Service of Youth Centres of Montreal

Arthur Neumann, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Director, O.P.C.R. Alberta

Pierre Poupart, M.Ps., Coordinator - University Institute, Director of Research and Development, 
Youth Centres of Montreal

Eugenia Repetur-Moreno, SW, MSW (Equiv.), Executive Director, Canadian Association
of Social Workers

Maureen Rodrigues, B.F.A., Assistant Coordinator Outreach, Leave Out Violence

Cécile Rousseau, M.D., Department of Psychiatry, Montreal Children’s Hospital,
Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Psychiatry, McGill University

Twinkle Rudberg, B.A., President, Leave Out Violence

Philip Shaposnick, B.A., B.C.L, Attorney and Family Mediator, Interlex Group of Canada

Marcel Tremblay, LL.L., Attorney and Family Mediator, Court of Quebec (Youth Division)

Eugenia Repetur-Moreno, President of the committee, 
SW, MSW (Equiv,), Executive Director, Canadian Association of Social Workers

Frank Carbone, President, Rosmar Litho Inc.

Judge Oscar D’Amours, Coordinator, Court of Quebec, Court House of Montreal

André-H. Dandavino, M.D., President, Association des médecins de langue française du Canada

Andrée Gendron, Executive Director, Association des CLSC et des CHSLD du Québec

Hon. Alan B. Gold, OQ, QC, Senior Counsel, Goodman Phillips & Vlneberg, 
Former Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec

Claire Léger, Vice President of the Board, Les Rotisseries St-Hubert Ltée

André Lesage, F,C.A., President, Samson, Belair/Deloitte & Touche

Herbert Marx, Justice, Superior Court of Quebec, Former Minister of Justice of Quebec

Gerald A. Ponton, President, Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec

E. André Roussy, Vice-President, Scotia Bank

Father Joe Sullivan, Chaplain