Jacques Rougeau, a great supporter in our fight against bullying, cyberbulling and racial discrimination, during his last family show

Children Now was present during Jacques Rougeau’s last family fun wrestling event; “Le dernier chapitre père et fils“, on August 18, 2018 at the Uniprix stadium in Parc Jarry in Montreal. The show was a great success.

Children Now presented an honorary plaque to Jacques Rougeau.

Ricaardoe Di Done, General Director of Children Now, and Luciano Bentenuto, former president of the Quebec Association of Professional Criminologists, took part of this humorous and entertaining wrestling show to present Jacques Rougeau with an honorary plaque in recognition of his unwavering dedication and commitment to youth and to our mission.

Jacques Rougeau has been involved in our program of fight against bullying, cyberbullying and the importance of saying “no” to racial discrimination through his collaboration in activities of Children Now. In addition, Jacques travels from school to school and gives lectures to encourage children about the importance of saying “no” to bullying.

At this event, a copy of the Leadership Mania educational book, with the primary goal of encouraging youth to move in the direction of good values and the importance of saying “no” to bullying, was given out for free to all children and all parents.