Pay Equity

Pay equity, in brief

The principle of equal pay requires “equal pay for equal work”, that is, when seniority and productivity are equal and two people perform the same work, they must receive the same compensation.

The principle of pay equity goes a step further than that of equal pay. It requires that people who are in a predominately female job class, hereinafter called a female job class, receive pay that is equal to that received by those who are in a predominantly male job class, hereinafter called a male job class, that is different but of the same value.
The value of job classes is determined by evaluating them and attributing to them a score according to the characteristics of the duties of the job. In an enterprise, people in a female job class and a different male job class of the same value must receive equal compensation. That is the equivalent, in a way, of comparing apples and oranges.

Document- Pay Equity 2016

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