Summer Camp

Many moments leave their mark on our youth and transform it into a happy childhood…or an unhappy one for underprivileged children. The end of school, the beginning of summer holidays, camping with the family and campfires, roasting marshmallows, playing at the beach, amusement parks, and summer camps where children take part in hundreds of activities, represent a major part of these moments.

Who thinks about the childhood of less fortunate children? It is unfair that children from underprivileged backgrounds, whose parents are unavailable or simply lack the financial resources, must endure a sad and gloomy summer. These young people are confined to poor areas which affects their psychological and physical development. Every child should experience, at least once in his life, great moments of happiness.

Your donation can change the life of a child in need. In their name, thank you!

What is Children Now offering? This year the children from the Quebec and the Montreal areas, chosen by the community centres, will be welcomed at two summer camps. Escaping from the dismal urban areas during summer offers underprivileged children a great opportunity to fulfill their need for fun and we make every effort so that they can benefit from this freedom.

Children Now offers underprivileged children between the ages of 10 and 12, the chance to experience a real summer holiday – an important part of a happy childhood. It is a unique experience the children will remember throughout their life.

During three days and two nights, 200 children will benefit from three daily meals and snacks. Furthermore, they will enjoy numerous activities offered on the spot under the supervision of experienced youth camp leaders. Our young campers, who rarely have the opportunity to interact with nature, will finally be able to enjoy a multitude of activities from which they would be otherwise excluded: swimming, rabaska, canoeing, mountain excursions, obstacle courses, nature hiking, treasure hunts, water slides, and many more.

Throughout their stay at the summer camp and thanks to our donors’ generosity and the sponsorships that are received, Children Now can distribute numerous presents to the children so that they can have a wonderful summer, such as books, sleeping bags, clothes, candies and hygienic products (sunscreen, bug spray, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste). They will be able to use these products long after the summer is over.

By participating in these unforgettable camps, the children experience happy moments and benefit, for once, from the same advantages as other more fortunate children. While they are having fun in nature, our young campers develop a sense of belonging and self-esteem - they are also making new friends. They acquire new values and new knowledge which restores their self-confidence and their hope in the future. They build up happy childhood memories which they will cherish all their life.

It is impossible to offer these kinds of activities to underprivileged children without your precious contribution. Child poverty is a persistent problem in Canada: the child poverty rate exceeds ten percent in all the provinces and touches more than 1 child out of six in Quebec and 1 child out of three in big cities such as Montreal and Quebec. The pleasure of seeing the sparkle in a child’s eyes and a smile on his face, in a life which does not always smile back, motivates us to work and to improve the situation of underprivileged children on a daily basis.

Sponsor these children and help us to realize a magnificent summer camp that meets their high expectations!

Thank you for your support and for allowing these children, who do not always know the joys of childhood, to experience rare moments of pleasure!

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