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Help us to build a better future for our children by sponsoring one or more of our activities

Support our Activities for Children

YES, I want to sponsor children from underprivileged areas and offer them the chance to participate in the activities especially organized for them by CHILDREN NOW

  • Easter Parties
  • Summer Camps
  • Ecological and Prevention Days
  • Christmas Shows
  • Snow Camps

Contribute to the free access of our Help line services

YES, I want to participate in the financing of the confidential help line service of CHILDREN NOW. This service is free of charge and accessible to anyone who feels the need to express his feelings and needs or who wants to obtain legal information or references to community services concerning family matters including separation or divorce, child custody, visitation rights, support payments, etc.

Support our educational programs

Yes, I want to be a partner for the educational program. I will therefore help CHILDREN NOW to pursue its mission in establishing partnerships with different underprivileged schools in which they offer pedagogical tools aimed to help youth with the daily challenges that they face.

Collaborate on our prevention program for youth on street gangs and bullying

Yes, I want to participate in the financing of the « Say NO to Gangs » campaign of CHILDREN NOW who is aiming to develop a collective commitment to educate young people, parents and other community stakeholders to face serious destructive phenomena which includes bullying and street gangs as well as violence against children. The more we know about this social phenomenon, the more we will be able to prevent it. This campaign will help to raise awareness of parents and educators to better support children.

All CHILDREN NOW activities, the campaigns of awareness and the survival of the organization

YES, I want to participate in the global financing of the activities of CHILDREN NOW whose mission is to protect and defend the rights of children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents experiencing difficulties related to family conflicts and\or the break-up of the family.

CHILDREN NOW does not receive financing on a continuous basis from the government or Centraide. It depends entirely on funds given by its donors.

Registered charity number: 83419-4268- RR 0001