The Mediation Chronicles – Interviews with lawyer and mediator Catherine Clément-Talbot.

Ricaardoe Di Done interviews lawyer and past president of the Association de médiation familiale du Québec, Catherine Clément-Talbot.

Ricaardoe-et-Clément-Talbot-500pxIn this series of videos, Mrs. Clément-Talbot speaks of her role as an accredited family mediator.

These interviews demystify the mediation process:

  • What is family mediation?
  • What are the advantages of family mediation?
  • How does a mediator intervene between spouses?
  • How can a mediator help negotiate an agreement that fulfils the needs of every member of the family?
  • What are the free services offered by the ministère de la Justice ?


The Mediation Chronicles – 1
What is a family mediator? With Me Catherine Clement-Talbot

The Mediation Chronicles – 2
What are the roles of parents and children in family mediation?

The Mediation Chronicles – 3
What can families expect by going through family mediation as an alternative to divorce?

The Mediation Chronicles – 4
Children`s interests in family mediation.

The Mediation Chronicles – 5
The child’s best interest.

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