About Us

Mission and Objectives

CHILDREN NOW helps children living in difficult conditions in Canada…through many initiatives mainly based on prevention and education.

CHILDREN NOW has the following precise objectives:

Educate the public by offering seminars and workshops on themes related to the well-being of the children and the family
We aim at advancing the cause of the family by focussing on numerous phenomena such as divorce, poverty, crime, school drop out, street gangs, the environment, health and family mediation, to name only a few. We offer consultation and assistance services, support, and advice to individuals in distress and who are living family problems such as those named upon as well as drugs, alcohol, physical and psychological violence. We assist and advise parents and children in order to support them during family conflicts including difficulties related to child custody and access rights.

CHILDREN NOW organizes seminars and workshops with specialists dedicated to persons in distress and living family problems. It is important to educate families, and more particularly parents, on the issues related to the well-being of children and the family so that they have the necessary tools to ensure that the future citizens of our society have all they need to grow in a better environment.

Provide advice and support to individuals in distress dealing with family problems, particularly concerning young people in difficulty, through a confidential telephone help-line;
In order to offer the same chances of success to all individuals in distress, CHILDREN NOW provides them with support by giving them assistance and the necessary resources to surmount the obstacles they are facing through a free consulting service. The organisation offers a telephone help-line to children and young people experiencing difficulties, as well as to all family members in distress.

CHILDREN NOW helps to resolve all kinds of problems in an attempt to prevent their possible consequences: drug addiction, alcoholism, family violence, psychological or physical disorders, painful family breaks-up, difficulties adapting to the break up of the family, difficult family relationships, rights and legal obligations, suicide, street gangs, divorces, fear of abuse, health and safety of a child, separation, and many others.

Offer mediation and legal information services to underprivileged people thanks to the confidential telephone help-line;
Individuals in distress have access to a listening service, providing them with advice, comfort and references to community services. Our professionals lend an attentive ear to all persons who call; they advise them and direct them to the appropriate services which will answer their needs. Legal information, for low-income parents and children, is also available free of charge so that they may be better informed on their rights and obligations.

Organize camps and dream days for underprivileged children, in order they can participate in entertaining and cultural activities which they would otherwise have no access to.
When poverty touches children and teenagers, the difficult living conditions and stress it generates is often associated with health problems and developmental delays, emotional and behavioural problems as well as problems at school. Poverty will prevent some of these children from realizing their full potential and participating in their community life. Poverty may sometimes break the spirit of some individuals, but it also strikes the ideals which brings a society together. Poverty hinders individual and collective development.

Some key factors may promote equal opportunities for success and help thwart the negative influence of poverty on children’s development. It is important to offer all these children the same chances to develop, succeed in school and grow in good health. It is also necessary to invest in the areas of life affected by poverty by favouring participation and solidarity. By intervening early enough, in the right way, with the good resources, we can partially restore the equality of opportunity for children who have lived their first years within a family in a low socio-economic bracket.

We also organize activities for underprivileged children since they rarely have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities which are essential for their social, emotional and psychological development. These activities provide a number of benefits for underprivileged children and allow them to hope for a better future: they reduce stress and anxiety, help develop self esteem, increase creativity and academic performance, promote better interaction with peers and help develop social skills. Furthermore, these activities allow children to experiment happiness in the short term, but the activities also provide long term benefits. Thanks to the benevolence of our donors and sponsors, we can bring to life these extraordinary events which are enriching the lives of so many children, pursuing our mission and offering our services free of charge.

These five annual activities are: Easter Parties, Summer Camps, the Ecological and Prevention Days, and the Christmas Shows. More than 1800 underprivileged children living in the Quebec and Montreal areas, suffering from the ravages of poverty, enjoy these activities on an annual basis.

The mission of CHILDREN NOW is to help the most deprived and under-represented persons from our society to express themselves: children. Our objective is to make these voices heard by everyone so that their well-being becomes an uncontested priority by the entire universal community. Our duty to our children, and ourselves, is to make a difference in their life. It is up to us to ensure their future.


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